Women and Hormones

Women are getting tired of the way they are treated at the doctors. I am one of those women. If I go in to have a check up or I am not feeling well. It is about my hormones and are they being discounted.

Most of the male doctors I go to are the worst they tell me things like, one thing has nothing to do with the other, your numbers look good so we don’t need to run test on your hormone levels and this is expected for someone of your age. I am frustrated by the way I am treated I know something is not right and yet they don’t take what I am saying serious.

Why is it that my husband can go and say I just haven’t felt like having sex what’s wrong with me? When he comes home he has gone through a full examination and has paperwork to get his hormone levels checked. Then to put the cherry on top he has a script for calis and I am going crazy with hot flashes, lack of sex drive and extreme fatigue. I think that male doctors look past women after they are done with their childbearing years . I even had one doctor that said learn to live with it.

When I see female doctors they are more sympathetic and try to give me options to help me cope. Why not just run the blood work and replace what I need to feel better. I know that there are risks and I would rather feel good than bad all the time. They give me synthroid for my lack of thyroid. I am feeling so bad right now I just want it to stop. My insurance will not pay for the test and medication I need to feel better, I’m sure that the head of the company is a man. They say you can get cancer, I don’t care I feel like I am dying anyway.

Women and hormones are great as long as you feel good and yet men and women are not the same and its time that more is done to help the women of this age group and I think that our insurance should pay for it. I feel sick and I can’t get anyone to listen, they hear what I am saying but they aren’t listening I am not my neighbor and she is not me our hormones are what keep our bodies feeling the way they do and I am not going to settle for just learning to cope!

My frustration is almost as bad as the hot flashes, sleepless nights, sweats, headaches, fatigue and emotional roller coaster that I am on. I am going back again to see a female doctor I have faith that we will get this worked out.

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.                                                                        ECCLESIASTES 7:8