No One Person Can Do It All

One person can’t do it all. The balance of our home life and our work life are fragile. It is a daily challenge to maintain this delicate balance. When you add children and pets to the mix it becomes even more of a challenge. The first priority has to be to yourself, we often put ourselves last on our list. I am guilty of this and it became more evident the older my children and I became.

My husband and I had our children in our late thirties and now that we are in our fifties I can see the neglecting my needs has taken its toll on health. That has changed and now I can see why it is so important. I can look back and see that the fatigue I felt came from not putting myself first. Trying to be in control and having everything perfect  just is not in the cards. It is so humbling to know that it doesn’t matter how hard you try, the truth is no one person can do it all. As hard as we try some part of our life suffers and it maybe our health.

The guilt that comes with being a parent can leaves you with the “what ifs” and second guessing will rob your piece of mind. Multitasking is the only way to keep this delicate balance. The key is to keep yourself healthy in your mind as well as your body.

Keys to keeping a healthy balance

  • Don’t try to do everything perfectly. It is okay to leave the lawn or laundry go one night or weekend it doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • Set time aside for yourself. Working out, take in a movie, read a book and leave the guilt behind.
  • Delegate whenever possible. This may be hard for some of us giving others tasks and trust that they are capable and have your best interest at heart.
  • Manage yourself in the time you have. The time you have at work cannot be filled with family time and vice verse. Making sure you spend your time with your family is filled with the same quality that you put into your work.

I work at home, I have to schedule my work time, family time and me time into my day. I leave the quilt behind me. So why do we feel that  more can be done in 24 hours?  Working at home you do have extra time but not as much as everyone thinks. You are constantly learning new information, up dating your sites, make calls and closing. The way a person manages time has to be on a professional level. Setting work goals the day or night before helps to keep you focused in the time set aside for work.

When you are in work mode the last thing you need is a family member call asking for a favor. Like it is nothing for you to drop everything and cater to them. Make sure that you are doing business at the same time everyday and everyone is aware of your schedule. I am available and don’t mind helping out if there is an emergency or if the school calls, but if it’s just to talk or a cup of coffee with a friend that last three hours count me out. I love to blow off work on weekends and holidays. Once in awhile I’ll call a friend or family member to spend sometime just hanging out.

For years I was that person that tried to be everything to everyone and I never took time for myself. Now I start my day off with a walk with my dogs, a few chores around the house or in my gardens. Then I get into work mode and I hate if my work goals for the day are not meet. I can work from home, get dinner, do laundry, clean and garden. Done all by 3 o’clock when my sons come home from school. We do homework, after school activities and family dinners. This time with my family is not replaceable. I don’t  give this up if I can help it.

The world goes on with or with out us in it and I want to be in it as long as I can. Keeping up with my health is my number one priority these days. Healthy eating, exercising, getting enough sleep and feeling that I’m doing my best is what I should have been doing all along instead of trying to do every thing for everyone. Not one of us is perfect if we were our name would be GOD. Take time to fill your needs so you can be there for your family and your work. Maintaining a healthy balance keeps me in control of me and how I interact with my family and work.Remember we manage ourselves in the time we have and that is the true meaning of time management.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass.          PSALM  37:5