Is It Really Your Path

Can you say your on the path? Take a look into your past and wright down some of the reasons you think the way you do. Living your life as your parents did is perfectly normal. As we look back we find good and bad depending on many factors.

Our health, be it physical or mental is determined by our genetics at the time of conception. After birth our circumstances take over and form the path that we live as adults.

Keep a positive outlook is how I live my life now, I try very hard to come from a loving mind set. There are so many people that live in fear, I know because I was one of them. Afraid to enjoy my blessings, not feeling I deserved to be happy.

I was always afraid that I would not be good enough. Not good enough to have anything you name it love, joy, freedom from worry and I live in fear. I realized that my fear came from growing up being told you can’t because you’re not ready or smart. The positive side was never expressed. I had taken others opinions as facts. Things that I wanted I would never have and that I should settle for the best that came along.

When I left home I became responsible for all my choices. I did not want to go back to ask someone else what they thought. I wanted to live my way. What I did not realize in my head where those voices preventing me from making a lot of my choices. So I started to study every choice I made.

I was not ready to settle for what others thought was the best for me. I chose to live my life on a more positive path. What I realized was most of my decisions were made out of fear. I did not want to focus on the fear I had learned and I want to focus on the positive, feelings like love, kindness and empathy.

It took a while, I had to sift through a lot of stuff but I found my way. Everything I felt when I was in the presents of love, I learned to tap into again. I remembered the joy that I had around people who lived their lives in a loving way.

When I was a child we sung this song God is in every flower and every tree. He’s in the sunrise and the sunset. He’s in the plants that spring up from the ground, God is everywhere I have found. God is in you and me. God is everywhere, God is love.

I was out in the garden one day and I remembered word to the song not sure if there right now, but on that day I did remember every word. So I sat there meditating for a while on those words and one thing that kept coming to mind is we are all part of one magnificent force. And that force I call God.

When I get up in the morning for the first things I like to do is take a really deep breath because God is in the air I breathe. I knew looking back there was a lot of stuff and I needed help if my path was going to change. I had done therapy and I learned ways I could think differently. Yet I still kept falling back to the old way of thinking.

Then one day I was watching Oprah Winfrey Show. I love her. On this particular show her guest was Louise Hay. I have been studying her work ever since. From her I learning to love myself, and it took practice to identify negative thoughts and thought patterns. I was worth the choices I wanted to make.

Letting go of the fear I had was brought on by the environment I grew up in. Since I know that my mind is always learning. I could learn to let go of the past thoughts by choosing what I wanted to think about. This was the first step I took to change my life and put it on the path I know is meant for me.