The Caregiver

Are you a caregiver? Do you know how many people are in the same place? You are not alone It seems as though everyone knows someone who is taking care of a family member or a friend. We are finding out that life can bring you challenges that changes who you thought you were. Taking care of someone you love changes your life.

I have a very good friend that is dying from cancer, her daughter has taken it upon herself to take care of her mother. When you are love someone you can’t stand to see them suffer. Yet you are not willing to give up control. As long as you can you will stay by their side.

When you care for the ones you love you receive blessings that only another care giver can understand. The job is hard and gets harder everyday, yet you would not trade this time with anyone.How lucky you are to have this time to spend with them. Caregivers live life feeling good and giving love will always come back to you in so many ways.

The Benefits of Giving

  • Living up to your full potential. You find that you are stronger and fearless then you thought.
  • There is meaning and fulfillment in everyday.
  • Stronger than you thought.
  • Increased energy, a feeling of warmth and a life filled with joy.

When you spend time with the people you love showing how much you care, it changes your spirit and who your are inside. The person you become is not willing to compromise in matters of the heart. Full of joy, that you have taken action and have no regrets.

The thing about giving is that you can have the benefits no matter who you take care of. I do believe that there is a catch. The catch is that you have to give with a joyful heart, you must have no regrets when you give your time. Gifts that fill your heart over flow in the way you look at life and the way you interact with others.You are patient, finding joy and excitement in life and being around others. Focused on living in the moment not living in the past and waiting for the future to unfold with no regrets.

Are you a cheerful giver do you have what it takes to give of yourself, knowing that what you are doing makes a big difference. The person that you are going into this adventure is not the same person when you finish this task.

I walk in love because God appeals to and begs me to walk worthy of the divine calling to which I have been called with complete lowliness of mind and meekness, with patience, bearing with others and making allowances because I love them.                                                                          EPHESIANS 4:1-2 

Why Worry Over Weight Loss

Worry over weight loss no me who cares about what others think and what gives them the right to judge me? These are some of the word vomit we feed ourselves as we put on the pounds. We stop looking in full length mirrors knowing you still look good from the neck up.

We think about others judging us and us assuming we know what they think. Truth is that no one really cares. You would think your spouse should care, but he or she doesn’t notice. My husband and children don’t have more than one thought at a time and it usually is about them. My health is my responsibility.

Have you ever ran into an old friend and they are so glad to see you and they asks about everything except your weight. The only one that can make you feel bad about yourself is you. Why beat yourself up on what others may think of you. If you don’t look at yourself in a full length mirror you are afraid of what you see and you might have to do something about. Wouldn’t you rather have walked away feeling the pleasure of the visit feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I’m fifty one, I look at myself everyday in a full length mirror and the things that I don’t embrace about ageing, I try to change. I exercise every day. I try to eat healthy and I know what my friends and family think of me.

As you get older things that matter change for all of us and everyone’s need are different. Some of us want to age gracefully and others will fight it tooth and nail. The fact is you have to do what’s best for you. Take a good long look at yourself from top to bottom, if what you see is working for you, great.

There is way to improve, if you really want to. There are companies that can sell you health in a bottle and have it delivered to your front door. The best part of these companies is that they have weight loss product that are created by the world’s leading experts. They let the science back up the products and the testimony of pleased customers who have found the answers that they are looking for.

So many people are looking for products that support their weight loss efforts. I work directly with these companies.  These companies are great; each has a weight loss program different from the other, they all are great tools to help you with your weight loss efforts, leaving you feeling great and they have the nutrient you need to support your metabolism and on line support. You can join weight loss programs on line some are famous for teaching you about nutrient, portion size and the need to feed yourself smaller meals all day long and they have product to support the program that they are selling.

Essant’e World Wide supports weight loss with Pro Max5 it is designed to answer the latest scientific research which says ‘grazing’ on smaller calorie-controlled meals each day, instead of 3 big meals, is a healthier way to live. This weight-management breakthrough follows extensive reviews of the research by recognized Health Organizations.

Eat everything in moderation and check out your option when you feel like you want to add a product to your efforts. My favorite is these lollipops that do not contain Ma Huang, Ephedrine, Caffeine or other types of ingredients that “speed” you up.Essant’e World Wide has designed a product holding 3 Patents on Power-Pops, all natural, synergistic blend of herbs that work. Just have one 30 minutes before each meal, with water, and whenever you feel the craving to snack. You will start to feel benefits immediately! Now you can “Eat Candy and Lose Weight.” 

 I have a friend that swears by Qivana’s METABOLIQ™ System. This product is the only complete lifestyle management system that is clinically proven to help you live well, lose weight and look and feel better at every age. Intelligently designed from decades of highly focused research and incredible breakthrough discoveries, this scientifically validated program will naturally improve your lean body tissues and help you lose fat.

Following the METABOLIQ System not only will you lose weight, but you will lose the right weight and forever improve your body composition, no matter what your age.

Then there is FreeLife® science has found the way

to help you lose the fat and keep it off, and that’s TAIslim®.†‡

In Asia, the word tai signifies “total” or “complete.” And unlike any other diet you’ve ever tried, the comprehensive TAIslim plan addresses every key aspect of successful weight control. TAIslimis based on FreeLife’s revolutionary patent pending technology and research on the ability of the goji berry to reduce unsightly and dangerous belly fat.

TAIslim® helps you to reach and maintain a healthy weight in four important ways:

  1. Fights abdominal fat: TAIslimcontains FreeLife’s exclusive GoChi®, clinically shown to decrease the body’s production of stress hormones that cause you to accumulate unhealthy belly fat.† Other ingredients act on digestive tract enzymes to help reduce the amount of calories absorbed from starchy or fatty foods.†
  2. Enhances metabolism: Clinical results on TAIslim have demonstrated a dramatic increase in the body’s calorie burning potential compared to placebo, giving you the energy to maximize your workout performance†
  3. Helps control appetite: TAIslim supports a positive mood, suppressing appetite and between-meal cravings to help you to cut unwanted calories†
  4. Cleanses and replenishes: TAIslim‘s advanced proprietary NuFlora™ fiber provides gentle cleansing and detoxifying action to promote regularity and healthy microflora, while slowing the absorption of food to improve metabolism.†

I am a marketer and I can tell you this it does not matter what product you use to help support your weight loss. First you must check with your doctor and run the product information by them. Remember if you want it bad enough you will use these products and the weight loss programs as a tool to gain success. You know that there is no magic pill it takes work to maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes an illness or an injury has taken a toll on the health that you once took for granted and now as you are fighting your way back and need some help that is why I have put three different companies all with fantastic products that support your well being by supplying you with supplements that support you with science and weight loss products that can be a tool in your success in loosing that extra weight.

I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord. 

                                                                                                                         JEREMIAH 30:17

Dogs Are Entertainment, Protection and Love

Dogs are a big part of my life. They keep me company while everyone is gone for the day. Our first dog and all of our dogs are Dalmatians, Blazed blessed us until she was sixteen. She thought she was the queen, she was four years old when we brought home Pepper.Unfortunatly Pepper died from epilepsy when she was four. She sang to us everyday she was a great joy. We Miss them both.

That brings us to Sparkle, my umbilical cord, she follows me twenty-four seven and when I leave she is waiting for me at the door when I get back. She’s my girl I love her. After Blaze died we missed having two dogs. So we searched and found a beautiful dalmatian puppy. Her hearing test showed she was deaf just like Sparkle. The owners were unable to sell any dog with a hearing problem. Puppies with defects have no value and put down. This is a way to keep the gene from being passed down to another liter of pups. This was heart breaking for us that this puppy, our puppy would be put down just because she is deaf.

Sparkle who is great and also deaf we trained with hand signals. I want ed this puppy I explained that we still wanted this puppy. How we cared for our dogs was enough to convince them to let us have her. We sent them the documentation that she was spay and, that is the guaranty that she will never pass on the gene that causes deafness in some Dalmatians.

Sparkle was eight, this is the same age as Blaze was when we brought her home. Blaze was he queen and just ignored her most of the time. The boys love when a new puppy comes in to the home and with four of us working hard they get house broken very fast. This blue-eyed beauty went almost a whole day before we came up with a name for her. Nothing really seemed to fit her personality until she went to turn while she was running she started to turn wiped out falling all over herself. I laugh so hard and said that was not graceful. That is how her name became Grace, because graceful she is not. Her nick name is velcro dog she sticks to me like velcro she follows and sits next to me everyday. Grace lives up to her names in some way everyday she is such a clown and what a joy.

Sparkle and Grace get me up and out the door to walk with them everyday. They keep me in the present not asking for very much, always looking for some love, a pet or a scratch and ready to snuggle with you at any time. My dogs are the entertainment, protection, and company we enjoy everyday. I love my dogs they only act up if they feel you might be a threat to me or the family. I would love to take all the credit for the behavior of my dogs and I think my training falls short of the connection they have with each other.

Follow the leader and step in line with the pack my dogs are following what they need to survive in my pack. My dogs are not disable they are deaf. They use other senses to make their way in this world. Most people would not know if I didn’t tell them. I made my neighbors aware of their deafness it makes me feel better to teach them the hand singles they can use if they would ever get off my property.I watch over them, love them and they watch over me. Everyone thinks that they’re dogs are the best and I am no different. Owning four Dalmatians I can say this is my favorite breed. Soft as velvet, black spot on white, black lined eyes, black lips and a black nose. Their eye’s are golden brown, chestnut or blue. They love to walk to the park and go for a run everyday. These dogs motivate me to walk they calm me when I am upset, they warn me when I am getting a migraine they make me laugh everyday. I love this breed and my girls Sparkle and Grace.

It is by free grace that I am saved through faith, and this is not of myself, but it is the gift of God.