What Do My Numbers Mean

Cholesterol just the word raises questions like what is it and what are these numbers? Not to many of us pay attention to cholesterol until they have a blood test. When I was told I had high cholesterol I did every thing I could to find out all about it. Have you tested your cholesterol lately? High cholesterol has no symptoms it is a silent health problem. As I found out  after my doctor ordered a fasting lipoprotein profile. The test included my total cholesterol, LDL (bad), HDL (good) and triglycerides.

After finding out I had high LDL and high triglyceride  I left her office armed with treatment options. The diet was the first part of the my treatment plan.

The Diet

  • Choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products.
  • Choose legumes(beans and peas), baked or grilled fish, skinless poultry and lean meats.
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies and a variety of whole grains and high fiber foods.

I had to limit the amount of foods with low nutrition,beverages and foods that contain sugar. Most of all limit how much saturated fats and trans fats. I went from eating what I thought was a health diet to one recommend to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. I became aware of more than the calories on a food label.

The changes to my eating was not enough to lower the numbers. What do these numbers mean?

Total Cholesterol according to the American Heart Association.

  • Less than 200 mg/dl is desirable
  • 200-239 mg/dl you are borderline high
  • 240 mg/dl and above you have high cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol

  • Less than 100 mg/dl is optimal
  • 100-129 mg/dl is near optimal
  • 130-159 mg/ dl is borderline high
  • 160-189 mg/ ld is high
  • 190 mg/ ld and above is very high

HDL protects the heart so 60 or above are ideal, the higher the better.

My treatment plan was not enough to battle my cholesterol issues so onto step 2 which added red rice yeast, CoQ10 and  fish oil. It was bringing my numbers down but I had side effects from the red rice and the CoQ10. My doctor and I tried stations. I had side effects  and now I am seeing a cardiologist to help manage my cholesterol. My family history is heart diease and I am doing what I can to prevent it with the help of my doctors. Keep track of your cholesterol numbers, high cholesterol doesn’t cause symptoms and have a screening every five years starting at the age of 20. Everyone over the age of 2 should follow a heart healthy diet.

My light shall break forth like the morning, and my healing shall spring forth speedily.             ISAIAH