Midlife looking for the positive

Midlife looking for the positive, today is the day that I find the positive. Not always easy and always rewarding. I am one of those people that look at the bright side of everything including midlife. Taking action is one way to avoid a crises in your life.

Take midlife, I’m here and would like to only concentrate on the best parts:

  • Freedom to be who you truly are and enjoying who you have become
  • Creativity/painting/cooking/gardening/dressing just the tip of the ice burg
  • Re-evaluate your life and making significant positive changes if necessary
  • Starting new activities try belly dancing, yoga, bowling, volunteering,¬† sculpture, to name a few
  • Self-confidence and the take notice to how you feel rather then what others think
  • Learning to say no and meaning it
  • Simplify life and learning to enjoy solitude
  • Knowing your friends and value their friendship
  • Being alive and present in every moment
  • Redefining success and giving back as much as we can
  • Commit to taking care of our bodies

Midlife we can all concentrate on the negative when we are changing that is easy. The hard part is defining how we want to live this part of our life and how we see ourselves. Midlife is not the time to put yourself on the back burner even when the needs of others seem to be more important. The reality is that for some of us it is unavoidable, it is our reality.

To enjoy the abundant life GOD has for us all we must make our health a priority so that we can enjoy his gifts as long as GOD intended. Embracing the quality of life by maintaining or improving on your health is not selfish or a waste of time and energy. Simply put It is time to take care of your needs, give yourself permission to invest in what is necessary  to meet personal physical and psychological needs that have more than likely been ignored or delayed over the years. Become stronger in our convictions and more self-assured in our purpose.

Through Him, therefore,let us constantly and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name.

Hebrews 13:15