Lost My Friend Today

I don’t know if you have lost a friend or if can understand how I feel. This is my third friend that I lost to cancer. Their lives were cut short and I wounder why them? The truth is that cancer doesn’t care if you are someones friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister or brother. Cancer doesn’t care how you feel about it, as a matter of fact it only has one purpose and that is to multiple and take over. It is a robber that steals your family and friends with out a sound going unnoticed until it has a strong hold. This leaves you or someone you love fighting for their life.

I lost my friend today she is a mother, a grandmother, a lover and giving person. She fought until she new that the cancer had already won, it rooted itself in her brain. She loved her life and did not want to miss any of it and to fight anymore she would have not had missed out on the gift of life. I say this because the passed four months were filled with peace and blessings that she would have missed out on beings sick from treatments with no guarantees. She took her chances with the brain cancer you see all she had left was time. Time to see and tell everyone I love you, and that is what she did up until three days ago when she started to slip away.

I know in my heart that she made the right choice. Her daughter by her side, her sons and loved ones close by she was able to see her grandson before she passed and she new that her children would be alright. Her friends that love her like a sister will watch over her children as if they were their own. I lost my friend today and I am okay, I have been blessed to have had her in my life. Cancer took her body away and her love will live forever in my heart.

Cancer is a thief that comes into our lives ready or not it will take you or someone you love away. Don’t let it steal the love in memories turning you bitter inside. We are a witness to a beautiful person and a beautiful life. Lee Ann you will live in our hearts forever and the joy you brought us is in our memories and you will live on through them.

God has given me one new commandment that I should love others just as He has loved me.          JOHN  13:34