Looking for more

Were looking for more these days it just seemed that there are so many obstacles keeping us from achieving our goals. The goals that my husband and I had twenty years ago are now at the crest of realization as our son is almost a year away from college. Our two boys are at the center of every goal we have. When they were born things were very clear on how were were going to accomplish them over time. Things have changed.

Now that time has taken its toll not only on the economy, our friends,our family,our health and our plans for the future we have to change our lives and still keep in sight of the goals we have. I’m sitting here drinking my tea this morning and trying to figure out different ways we can still have it all. Although change is happening to us everyday we look on the positive side. By changing your budget to have more meals at home we spent more time with each other. To keep from feeling left out we are extending the way we look at our social life. Here are some of my suggestions not only to improve your bottom line on budget but being able to spend time with other families and friends.

  • Potluck supper I think they’re great and you don’t have to invite 10 families you can invited  just one.
  • Sunday dinner moms everyone brings a cover dish.
  • Friday pizza night.
  • Saturday morning breakfast

These suggestions work well for family that likes to be social, these can bring you together with little cost. You’ll be surprised how everyone that is involved has a good time. This is also away for us to network with our friends and families to find solutions to problems that someone in your circle of love is going through. By staying connected you are helping yourself, family and friends. Keeping a close circle is great for our minds.

Everyone want to feel like they are a part of something bigger then themselves. No one likes to feel left out, lonely or forgotten. We want to be accepted, we all wanted a place to fit in and  you want to go somewhere where everyone knows your name. Even when you are having problems. The people that care about you the most will be there when you need them. By staying connected with others you find that they are more willing to help you in a situation or be there for emotional support. They may also be a source of  information that could be life changing.I don’t know how many times just by staying connected with a group of people I’ve found jobs, found answers to questions about my children or the care of my home and a shoulder to cry on.

I can count on my social group to provide me with what I need, the great thing about my group of friends and family is they are willing to give you advice about everything, they will support you when needed and tell you when you’re not doing your part. I really think I have found that the only way to get more is to be held accountable by your social group.

So I suggest that you handpick the people in your group. My mother said” you can’t pick your family” true but as adults can choose which people we spend our time with. Even though they might be family it doesn’t mean they need to be a included in your every day life. We do not have to surround our self with anyone who we don’t get along with or approve of just because they are family or our next door neighbor. Sometimes where we live can effect how much time we get to see our family.

I say keep the drama and just give me the love. I come from a large family and unfortunately I do not get to see them as much as I would like. Holidays are important so I really try to make the time to spend it with the ones I love. Keeping them abreast of my life gives them the security of knowing that I am okay.

We have groups of friends that we consider priceless to our sanity. Other families with children and love ones that are the same age or may even have the same problem. By keeping them in our social network we can relate to people that maybe going through the same crap in life. It’s great not to feel that you are the only one. No matter what the situation is, it is always nice to share the good times not just the bad.

The more friends and family you include in your life the bigger source of support you have to tap into and this I have found is priceless.  Before you go looking outside for more look close to the people who have always been there for you. Thank you my friends and family for your support, time and love.


I am blessed because I seek refuge and put my trust in the Lord.                    PSALM 2:12