Lift Your Spirits at the Park

Nothing lifts your spirits like a walk in the park. The fresh air and beautiful scenery lifts your mood and walking around is great for your health. Take advantage of the walking trails and if you have a dog bring it along it will do you both good.

As a matter of fact the dog parks are a great place for you to meet people. If you live in Pennsylvania or Maryland you might want to check out John Rudy Park it a great place for you and your dogs to enjoy. There’er are a lot of dogs going to be out this saturday October 1, 2011 and I will be there. This opportunity to bring my animal’s paintings and drawings to people that love animals. I have dog drawings, dog paintings and much more to show off. The dog rescue is dear to my heart, both of my dogs are deaf; I rescued them because deaf Dalmatians are put down to try to eliminate the defective gene that cause them not to hear.

I wanted to show how animals have distinctive personalities. I want people to see the animals the way I see them. Some of the animals show me how corky, shy and brazen they can be. Dogs are one of my favorite subjects. They crack me up and I just have to draw or paint them. Other animals also show off who they are through their colors and how they adapt to the habitat that they live in.

I believe we have to take care of the animals that we love including get our dogs and cats spaded. I also know that there are many dogs, cats, birds and reptiles that are given up to rescue groups all over America. We all love puppies but they can be a handful and sometimes are given up. So you never know what you will find unless you check all your resources. Full Breeds, Mixed Breeds, big and little the dogs will be out and you are invited to come to John Rudy Park, 400 Mundis Race Road, York PA 17406 for the 7th Annual Dog Day in the Park.

There will be venders and dogs up for adoption. So come out and see what’s going on. Wink 103.3 will be on hand playing music and Courtney Laydon of Fox 43 news will be hosting the event! Don’t forget to stop by and see my animal art. I will be posting the pictures I take at the dog park on my blog the week following the event. -DD