Learn Why And How Pain Management Can Work For You

Learn why and how pain management can work for you. We are in charge of our health and that includes keeping our bodies flexible and moving with ease for as long as we are alive. When I became consumed with pain I didn’t know which way to turn. I wanted someone to give me the direction to go to get out of my situation. Angry this had happen to me I wanted a quick fix. There is none. Physical therapy, surgery, pain medication, and more physical therapy was what I new for 7 years. I am still in pain. Now I have learned to manage the way I live my life and not let the pain control me. I thought I could share the coarse I took and how it helped me and the others in the group I was with.I got so much help I just want to pass it on.


Being a part of this group was life changing  the people were so great and there were rules to follow especially about privacy and respect. We stared with a first name and a list of our medications and the treatments that we were going threw now and how it was working for us.

As we went around the table I could see I was not alone. My heart went out to each person as they opened the vault of frustration and pain. How are the following effecting your quality of life. Gods not giving anymore time, as those of us in the group are so aware of. To take control of your time and how these things can effect everything.

  • Medication


  • Mind and body
  • Physical therapy

What medication do you take and what are the side effects?

Medication can can the way we think is your medication helping or hurting you? Do you need medication? How will medication help and how long will you need to take it? Any thing you put in your body to deal with pain should not take your brains power to function. Unless you are dieing a painful death you will want to live your life.Knowing what the side effects is very important. Medication can be addictive what effects does it have on your mind and body. Medication can effect the amount of pain that you live with everyday.  You want to manage your pain. It can leave you tired, confused, agitated and not even touch the chronic pain on the level that you need the most relief. Find out how the medication interacts with other medication you are on.

Oh, I almost forgot supplements and herbs can also effect medications you take. Before you rub it on, sallow, breath it or buy it please check with your doctor or pharmacist on how it can effect you. Sometimes what we think is harming us is actually hurt us. I did and that is why I can take the products I promote, they have little or no reactions with my medication. and help me.


Mind and Body

The Magic is already inside of you when we change our mindset we open ourselves up to learn different ways to coop with our reality.

How do you see the world, is your out look 1/2 full or empty? Are you depressed? Are you angry and at who? How can I look at things differently? These 5 questions are the same for everyone who is in pain. Our brain is like the hard drive to your computer, It will not ever really get rid of the information you have stored on it. So where dose that leave us?

Download a new program, start looking at opportunity to improve your life with the brain power you have. Change the message you tell yourself everyday.

Meditation for pain

Example: Lay or sit where you can be as comfortable as possible. Now concentrate on your breathing for a short while as you continue be aware of the area on  your body that has the most pain. Think of this area as a huge fire ball or a train going down a track as the train gets further away imagine your pain is going with it keeping your breathing at an even pace feel the pain get smaller and smaller until it is almost gone or completely gone. This is one of the ways I get to sleep and it relaxes the muscle group that guard the pain.

Our muscles and tendons need to relax and it is very hard to do when in a protection position. Example my knee hurt so bad I keep leg as straight as possible. The Knee may not hurt as bad when the muscles and tendons get a chance to relax. Flexibility of your mind is just as important as the flexibility of your body, both go hand in hand when it comes to pain control.

keeping a journal, how do I feel today, why am I so sad, happy, angry? (I was surprised to find out I was angry at my family for not seeing my pain and the fact that I was the one who got hurt not them.) What makes your pain worse? What makes your pain better? When you write things down you can set goals,  find the areas that you need to work on yourself and what you may need help with. Find the answers that you need to spend every minute feeling better.You will be shocked on the things we do everyday that effect us in one way or another.

To be continued…

As I think in my heart, so am I.               Proverbs 23:7