Why Fight It We Are Getting Older

That’s right you can’t fight it. Fact that we are getting older and the aches and pains that we experience to day maybe just the tip of the ice burg. So where do we go from here? Well that depends on where you are optimist or a pessimist, not everyone looks at life the same way. If you would asks me I would say the only way is up.

When I think of how hard I fought as a teen and in my 20’s to stay in shape, get ahead in life and keep myself there. We all have obstacles that pop up from time to time . Like just when you get a chance to breath, a water pipe breaks or someone gets sick. These bump in the road are going to be there so you have to roll with it. So why fight it since I have health issues I had to embraced the fact  that my health is my job to take care of not my doctor or surgeons.

So many times we go to others to make us better, I guess we learn that very young (kiss it and make it better) that we are looking for that our whole life unless something happens that no one can fix. That is why I say we have to embrace the truth we are the ones that can make it better we have to fight.

  • Educate yourself  on family history is one way to prepare for whats ahead for you and if you have children you have to be in the know category. Not knowing how to manage your health is a big responsibility and even more important when you have a family.
  • When you have children you have two consider that there are grandparent and great grandparents. You can get free a family health history tool kit at www.heartlandfamilyhistory.org
  • You get older and if you have children they get older to. As we become older our life habits need to grow. Being aware of what goes in, on, or around your body are relevant to how healthy you are and how well you live.
  • Intelligent choices when it comes to food and drinks.
  • Don’t; drink and drive, talk or text while driving, use your car as a make up counter.
  • Try to keep your stupid meter in the low range ( if it hurts don’t do it) unless the end result is in your favor.
  • All we want is ours but only if we have our health.

So why fight it we want to live and be happy. Have you seen someone who has lost a limb he doesn’t want your pity he or she want what you want and that is to live the best life to their ability. Remember you can look at the glass half empty and wait around to die with no hope.(Lets get out the violins out and all play) or look at the glass half full and embrace the exciting opportunities that you have by being prepared.

Falling in love with living is easy and exciting  just keep your eye on the prize and you will amaze yourself with the hoops that you can teach yourself to jump through. Don’t let the fear of changing or poor health be your crutch not to live,  When we fall and fight it hurts so don’t do it. Roll with it and come up having the time of you life.  Gods not giving us any more time. I’m not waisting any of my time.

My eyes wait for you and you give me food in due season. You hand and satisfy me with favor.  PSALM 145:15-16