Meditation Is An Alternative That Works

Meditation is an alternative is it valuable and is right for you? Check all alternative medicines with your physician. Alternative treatment can be effective. Take your medical history and medications to your physician and therapist so they can find out if meditation is right for you.

Meditation: An age-old Eastern therapy, practice meditation requires you to concentrate using your breathing or mental images. Here in the West we more often use meditation to refocus thoughts and improve mental and physical health. Our Eastern neighbors practice meditation for enlightenment and have been for centuries.

Meditation can reduce feelings of anger and stress. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is using brain imaging to learn that the cerebral cortex is thicker in people that practice meditation. This region of the brain is associated with attention and memory. The cerebral cortex thins with age and can be linked to memory loss.

There are websites that will tell you there meditation method is the best and have instruction on how you can start and practice it. You can practice it at home using controlled breathing and focusing on your slow deep breath. There are free materials on the internet and also at your local library so you can check them out and practice at home.

There are different meditations for the many different aliments that we have. I use this therapy also to help me control my chronic pain. I use breathing and mentally focusing on an image that gets smaller and smaller helps to ease my pain between my acupuncture appointments.

Our mind is the hard drive to our bodies, things that are programed can be side stepped by downloading new program materials that can help you ease the chronic pain so many of us suffer.

Practice and cultivate and meditate upon these duties;throw yourself wholly into them, so that your progress may be evident to everybody.                                                                                                              1 Timothy 4:15