About Me

The only way you can really get to know someone is to become their friend…Lets be friends

I am a business women, artist, wife and mother who embraces life and all that I can get out of it. I love education, free enterprise and my freedom.

Family is only after God, I love to meet new people and I enjoy helping them when they express the desire to change the path they are on for a better one. 

I take my health serious and I want to supply others with the means to a healthy life and filled with wealth and opportunity. As an artist and teacher helping others to see the potential in themselves, just who I am. I teach with support and tools that work for me.

 I welcome you to leave your name and phone # and a question in the comment section of my blog instead of spam. Find out how I can help you. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me.


 These paper are here to show you that you can get control of your life if you take the steps to reinventing the way you chose to live your life. My life is about changing to have the best life and living each day to my greatest potential.

 I can do all things with God in me!

To see more about me visit here debradehoffanimalartist.com