Feeling Like Yourself Starts Here

So here I am again wondering how I can start feeling like myself again. I try to understand why it is easier to live in pain rather than do what we have to so we can start living again. This is what I think it comes down to. The fear that we will never again be what we were before.

News Flash!!! We are not and never will be the same as long as we live in the past. Today is the day that we have to decide that we are worth the time and effort to start living again.

I know what I’m talking about because I live it everyday of my life. I went through the lose of myself too. The stages are hard to deal with. I was angry, hurt, left with a feeling of hopelessness and now I am doing everything I can to get things back on track.

I can truthfully tell you that my body will never be the same and I live in pain everyday, and that’s okay. There is always a new challenge when I wake up. I want to feel like myself again and I’m sure you do too.

That brings me to my mindset. I know you have heard it before and I hope you keep reading because I really think I can help you with this part of managing of your life. I use this everyday and I my mindset has turned around and I plan on keeping it this way.

The funny thing is I didn’t realize that I was stuck in this endless cycle. The cycle is this I hurt there for I am not going to push myself to do anything that might bring on more pain. I went down the drug path and believe me, if the drugs didn’t make me sick I would probably still be taking them.

The funny thing is that because I couldn’t tolerate the side effects from the drugs I was forced to make other choices and that’s when my mindset had to change. First I had to get off the medication that was making me sick. Why be in pain and be sick? I had to choose.

So I chose pain. I looked into alternatives to help me cope. Starting with pain management classes, which lead to acupuncture and taking supplements.  I worked with my doctor and we came up with a plan that works for me.

My plan in the beginning:

Wake up everyday, have a route in place.

Exercise stretch ever limb your can repeating them until you are limber enough to move out of bed.

Shower get dressed, take medication go for a short walk.

Eat breakfast and take morning supplements.

Rest and meditate and do visual exercises 30 minutes.

Physical therapy (I did mine at home) Everyone’s is different.

Rest and do more visual exercises 10 minutes.

Eat lunch only if your hungry.

Get creative paint, knit, wright or draw.

Rest and do more visual exercises 10 minutes.

Physical therapy (I did mine at home).

Eat dinner Take evening supplements.

This was my schedule for along time because I just expected less of myself than I was capable of. I was still in that why me stage.

Now here a place to start if you don’t have a pain managing schedule in place. A place to start is all it takes to sometimes to bring you out of that whoa is me. Every visual exercise is teaching your brain how to cope with pain.

Today is your day enjoy the small victories and what them become larger until you can look back and say I know how far I have come. Your life starts to change one step and one thought at a time. Mine did.


Practice and cultivate and meditate upon these duties; throw yourself wholly into them, so that your progress may be evident to everybody.

                                                                                                                                                                                     1  TIMOTHY 4:15