Free from harmful chemicals, dyes and preservatives

Products are not what they seem saturated with harmful additives like preservatives, gums, starches and artificial colors.I look for organic supplements, vitamins, juices, food and dairy. Concern about the products that have a long shelf life. Package in plastic,cans,glass and barrels what is the safest way we can buy products? As consumers we need to read the ingredients on all the products we buy and be aware of standards set by the FDA.

We grow and buy foods in season, then we dry them, can them and freeze them at their peak of freshness. When handled with care we are doing all we can to keep our families safe from harmful additives like preservatives, gums, starches and artificial colors.Cooking food from scratch I know exactly what is going into the meals I prepare for my family.

What can I do to cut out the harmful additives like preservatives, gums, starches and artificial colors in the foods we eat? What about hormones and steroids? This is not good,so limit prepackaged foods,buy foods that are 100% organic without steroids and hormones these are becoming more available as the demands for them get higher and higher.

Are the preservatives that are used to keep the shelf life effecting our health?It seems like it, more and more doctors are telling us to eat fresh, cage free and open rage foods free from preservatives, hormones and pesticides.This should give us a clue that it is not in our best interest to eat foods with preservatives. Eating fresh is easy if you know how to buy, prepare and store foods. I live very close to farms and farmers markets which make that easy when the food is in season. How can I trust the food from other parts of this country or the world tobe safe? The products that are frozen seem tobe a good choice if you don’t like or trust what you see in the produce isles.

We grew up eating foods made from scratch.Eggs and dairy were farm fresh, mom would make her own jelly and can every food that the pantry could hold. Meats purchased from the local butcher and they came from the local farmers who supplied him with pork, beef and chicken. We would freeze large quantities fresh from the farm and you can taste the difference.

Today I do think that the way I grew up was so much better than the way children grow up today. I do everything I can to cook the foods my family likes in a healthier way and that includes buying fresh local produce, meats and dairy. I grow organic tomatoes, peppers, kale, spinach and berries. I do cook from scratch and I use assorted vegetables in my sauces adding fiber, natural antioxidants and vitamins. My spaghetti sauce, loaded with onion,peppers, beets, broccoli, carrots, spinach,tomatoes along with herbs fresh and dried which ever I have on hand. My blender is my friend when it comes to adding veggies to thicken sauces and to enrich the flavor. I make enough to freeze for meals that are quick on days that I am busy.

The products we use on our skin have additives like preservatives and artificial colors. This is not good. So look for products that are free from harmful chemicals, dyes and preservatives.It is not as hard as it use tobe. I like products that are organic with 100% natural ingredients one of my favorite comes from Israel and the main ingredient is sea salt. Makeup that is free from dyes,preservatives and petroleum are found at your local store or you can order what you need online. They have a shorter shelf life so replaced every 12 weeks after you open them.Lotions with vitamin e and aloe are safer then those with a petroleum base.

I aways used moisturizer on my skin. I can’t believe how we would bake in the sun for hours with no concern that we might burn.Eating and drinking anything we wanted or could afford when we left home. That was then and now that I know better I am picky when it come to putting products in or on my body that will increase the way my body ages. Sunscreen or cover up when in the sun is the rule to keeping your skin beautiful. Moisturizer made of natural ingredients keep the signs of aging at bay.

I buy products on the internet like vitamins, probiotics, lotions, juices and supplements that support our health. No one product will make you feel younger and if you find products that support your healthy life style pass it on. We are always looking for something new. Eating a well balanced diet along with exercise will give you the tools needed to live a long healthy life.

This is a drink that I find helps support my body: 4 Oz’s of Go Chi juice and 4 Oz’s of cranberry juice on the rocks it is 8 Oz’s of two of the best anti-ageing supper fruits and it tastes great. You can add 1 1/2 oz of vodka for a supper martini or 4 Oz’s of wine for a refreshing relaxing drink. Drink any thing with alcohol in moderation,of course.

I will serve the Lord my God, and He will bless my bread and my water and take sickness away from me.

– Exodus 23:25 (NKJV)

Free from my sadness and pain

How does your sadness and pain effect the people around you? Pain in any form can alter your actions. Chronic physical pain and depression are part of my past and present.

When I was 15, I felt depressed and lonely and even though I was in sports and active with my friends I felt as though I was just going through the motions.The more I withdrew the easier it was for people to walk past me as if I was not there. I don’t understand what happen I was happy and care free and then I wasn’t. No matter how hard I tried to get out of the mood I was in the more it  consumed me.Most of my friends seem tobe on top of the world.

Days would go by and I felt that no one could understand me or the way I was feeling. I started art class about that time and my teacher Mr.Heller introduced me to an exciting new world. Without knowing Mr.Heller opened my eyes to a world beyond crayons and coloring books.It saved my life, I had always been drawing and now I had someone to show me how to go deep inside and bring those feelings out and put them on paper and canvas. Mr.Heller took the time to pay attention to the side of me that  was screaming tobe heard and my four years of high school flew by. I was learning everything that Mr.Heller was teaching.It gave me confidence and brought me joy to learning something I was truly am interested in.

The love of  teaching art is what comes natural to him and a life saver to me. Mr. Heller never asked how I was or what was wrong, his interest  was in my ability to apply what he was teaching and to use it to express myself. I was able to express my feelings and I was free from my sadness as long as I was creating something of beauty.

Depression is just one of the feeling or lack of feelings that we go through in our lifetime. While I was in pain management I learned how the tools I have as an artist can help other in the way that Mr.Heller help me. I teach art classes for free to children at our public library for years and I can see their minds light up and through their eyes they show their pride as they showing what they have accomplished. Students that come back year after year get that this is away they can escape.I know that for a faction of their day I can make difference in how they view the world. If you are feeling blue or filled with pain that seems to have no end, you can do something creative to put your mind in a different place. A place that can free you from pain, if only for a short time, but be careful it is very addictive.

The more you do, the more you will want to do. Start out by looking for classes that can teach you something you will enjoy like knitting,drawing or painting. By doing something creative you can become closer in mind, body and spirit. Find classes on the Internet,TV,craft stores or find a local artist who teaches. There is no right or wrong way tobe creative and sharing it with other will leave a positive mark on everyone who experiences the change in you.I know that it works it has been a bright light in my life for as long as I can remember. Art has brought me through hard times in my life and it is a tool I use to help me manage my pain.

Art therapy can be used to get family members to express what they are feeling.You can start by put down the color that best describes how you are feeling and have them do the same. This will open up communication getting everyone involved. Put a lot of random objects in a box, have everyone pull from the box to create a sculpture and have fun.Create a sculpture that describes what you are going through and how it makes you feel.Use a crayon or marker and a piece of paper to make a moving line, even a scribble can help describe the pain you are in.Art will free your mind from depression, pain, loss and will give you some tools to open up your mind directing it to concentrate on something other than the pain you are in. Sharing what you create with those in your family will open the lines of communication bring a better understanding of what each one of you are going through. Some times we are so consumed with our needs we forget other may have problems dealing with issues and we just might be one of them.

I think about sticking with things because the thoughts of diligent tend only to plenty, but everyone who is impatient and hasty hastens only to want.                                                                                         PROVERBS 21:5

As I think in my heart, so am I.                                                                                                                PROVERBS 23:7

Brain tumor symptoms mirror symptoms of menopause

I miss you the brain tumor didn’t ask if you wanted to go. Your not gone, my friend because you will stay forever in my heart. What can I say other than I love you.

The joy I feel is in the blessings that you brought to me and my family by being a great friend. Always there to jump to my aid, never asking for much in return. My friend who is always up for a good time, taking everyone around her along for the ride. Our good times out number the bad. Know deep in your heart that I love you to and if I could fix it I would. I am scared, angry and confused. Why you? Why now?  My friend I miss you already and your not gone. I know that you are fighting to stay and I love that…wouldn’t have it any other way. I got your back and a shoulder to rest on. Let me wipe your tears away, as we laugh about in the day. You are my friend I love you. I wrote this for you Lee Ann my friend I hope you get to hear it, I wrote from my heart.

Diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor my closest friend may not have two much time left that she will know who I am.  I am a fixer, and there is nothing that I can do to make her better. The questions I have might help me understand how this could happen and how fast it has taken it’s toll on everyone in our close circle of love.

These are my questions about brain tumors:

  • What are Brain tumors?
  • What are the Symptoms?
  • What next when dealing with brain cancer?
  • How much time?
  • How could we have missed them?

Here’s what I found:

A brain tumor is an abnormal cell mass that grows in or on the brain.They are either a primary tumor (tumor that begins in the brain) or metastatic tumors ( form from cancer already in the body and travels to the brain.) Some are cancer and some are not.194,000 American are diagnosed with some type of brain tumor every year.44,000 are primary tumors. Many are undiagnosed until they become life threatening.

Symptoms are sometime over looked, headaches may come and go, appetite may be decreased, temporary memory loss, nausea, constipation, diarrhea,hot flashes and sweats, fatigue,sleeplessness and depression. Most common are headaches and seizures. The location of the brain which the tumor develops can cause different symptoms. This site gives you the symptoms for the area that the tumor is located. Very helpful in empowering you with understanding what to do next and how to deal with this chapter in your life.

So many of the symptoms my friend has are the same as menstruation or menopause in women. Having symptoms that come and go may not raise any red flags. Many people go undiagnosed until, it is found by accident or like my friend who’s symptoms mirror the symptoms of menopause . When she finally could not avoid her family telling her, it’s time to find out what is going on with your health. A trip to the doctors didn’t help they even missed the red flags and discounted it because of the clarity of her mind and how she could articulate how she was feeling  when she would visit. She is at the age most women go through the change. Her daughter forced her to go to the Emergency Room and after a ct scan she was diagnosed.

The treatments are different for each type of tumor. Your age and physical condition may effect the type of treatment recommended. When diagnosed you may want a second opinion and is recommended for anyone that may be going through denial or is seeking treatments at other facility. A neurologist dose not have to see you to give his option or help with you treatments. Insurance is a big determining factor in health care and you may need to get a second opinion before starting treatment. Make sure you asks as questions you have about the best, worst and everything from what next and how to cope with this diagnosed.

The steps are MRI, brain biopsy and treatment. Surgery maybe recommend along with chemo and radiation. Each treatment is customized for each person.

I am hopeful that it is not as bad. It is bad and I am having such a hard time dealing with the diagnosis . So I started to find all that I could about brain tumors and I am amazed and still fill with hope. The doctors deal everyday with patients are willing to answer all questions. The Doctors are straightforward and want to work with anyone seeking  treatment. Our doctors are there to advise us and help us make decisions on how to proceed.

Time is the one thing that we are not get more of make the most of it. Physicians that work with brain tumor patients  try to give you the best chance of quality time. The treatments are getting better enabling you to recovery faster.

Asks anything and write down or record the answers so you are fully aware of the choices you have to make. Denial, depression, anger, forgetfulness and the feeling of loss are common for those who have a brain tumor or their family and close friends.

Questions you and your family may have.

  • What are the effects of a brain tumor?
  • What causes a brain tumor?
  • How fast do they develop?
  • How can I fight this?
  • Is it worth the fight?

You can find the symptoms just go to American Brain Tumor Association. ( while your there you can educate yourself on treatments as well.

I love my friend and I want her last months or years to be well informed on the treatments and the side effects. To have the quality of life that is pain free and will bring her joy. I am here for her family and wish I lived closer so I could help with her fight, yes her fight to regain the time she has left. To ease her mind that she is truly loved and to wrap my arms around her again for she is one of my favorite people I love her.

Unless the Lord had been my help, I would soon have dwelt in silence. When I said, My foot is slipping, Your mercy and loving-kindness,O Lord, held me up. In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul!                                                                                                                                                                     PSAML 94: 17-19