What is adding to your stress

Make a choice to change things in life that are familiar. Changes are happening every day with most of us looking the other way. Do you let the world run your life or are you in the drivers seat?

The prices we pay for everything is effecting our health and the way we live. I want you to look into the effect this has on your health. When we become set in our ways and things change around us we don’t always put much value on how it changes our lives. Small changes can effect us in big ways. What is adding to your stress?

Finance is one thing that we are all aware of on a daily bases. If you don’t have an income you are always trying to obtain one. When you do you need to budget; housing, utilities, food, insurance, gas money, education and your list may differ from your neighbors.

The bills we pay everyday or once a month can add stress if you are living over your means. Credit cards change fees, electric and gas bills go up and down. Food bills vary as seasons change and we are the ones that take the brunt of these changes. Your health is not worth the worry brought on by thinking… things will all work out. Take charge.

Today with deregulation going on we are stuck with keeping the same old or taking the time to research and find a better supplier. The companies out there are out to make money. Why not find the best one for you and when you are comfortable with your decision move on to your insurance policies and so on.

When you research and make decisions base on pros and cons you are more comfortable with every new choice put in front of you. As you make decisions based on knowledge the stress is lifted and procrastination become a way of the past making you more confidant in all aspects of your life.

Education is power and when you decide to find out everything you can to improve your life you have already started to improve your health and well being. Not a hard decision to make on a path to the abundant life that God has in store for us all.

Today we suffer from stomach issues, IBS, high blood pressure, eating disorders,and headaches, and so many of these are symptoms of stress and now that you know a lot of stress comes from our need to educate and make informed decisions, stop waiting for others to decide for you. If you don’t like it change it. Live your best life.

Therefore,now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who lives and walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the spirit.      Romans 8:1