Keeping your sanity when your world is falling

I keep my sanity because I still get up every morning and thanking God for every minute that I am with the ones I love.

I am so sure that God is with me, that I am trusting him with my family and my friends. We are going through some tough times right know. Illness and despair are just a few of the realities that we experience that some of us will hind from and others will stay facing things head on. God holds my hand leading me through carrying me when I am weak.

My family has always faced life head on, running to support each other in there time of need. Hanging on every detail so we can keep those who could not be there in the loop. As we pray for the ones we love, sometimes it seems we are asking for so much. Our minds just can’t wrap around the thoughts of loosing someone we love. Every time you receive more bad news how you respond is essential to your sanity.

Do you act on organizing your thoughts or react to the fear of what will come next? Action is my choice. I am one who will start asking questions, praying when some of us can not find the words and helping others to get the strength to get prepared for the next bit of news good or bad. Keeping my mind on the tasks at hand knowing that God will help me where ever I need him.

When a tragic situation is happening around and to you, I think it changes how we see the people around us and how we handle ourselves. you go through shock, fear, lose, guilt, anger,sadness and a lot of confusion. This is a time to evaluated who you can help. I start with myself by asking for Gods help so I can feel safe knowing that he will carry me if I need him. I thank him for his power to heal and I reaffirm my belief and trust in him.

Deal with one moment at a time and  one person at a time remembering that you never have to defend your actions when you are doing them with love. Love is what holds us to each other letting us feel safe to reveal our feelings to the people who love and care for us. Family a safe place to fall.

We treat others differently until we feel safe to show who we really are and how we want to be treated.

All these are inspired and brought to pass by one and the same Spirit, Who apportions to each person individually as He chooses.

1  Corinthians 12:11