Herbs for depression and sleep

Herbs that effect your sleep and moods can be safe and effective when taken under the guidelines of your doctor or a practitioner.

St.John’s wort: Also called hypericum, an herb that has been used for centuries for many aliment. Mood disorders, pain, insect bites, burns and malaria just to name a few. This available over the counter in supplements, extracts, capsules and teas.this is use by some to help with mild depression and to curb side effects when quitting smoking.

Experts claim that this herb can help treat mild depression by making more mood-enhancing neurotransmitters that can perk up your brain. Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo New York Claim that 9 out of 24 people that took the herb while giving up smoking did not gain weight and it reduces the angst of withdraw.

Yes, even this can have side effects like rashes, upset stomach and can alter medications making some side effects worse or like birth control not as effective.

Valerian: Now we come to the herb that can help with your lose of sleep, this herb has sedative properties.It can be taken in capsule form, extract  or you can soak the dry root in tea and drink it if you can get passed the smell. There is no prof that inhaling the steam has any effect so safe your self from the nasty smell. This has been used for insomnia, those that take valerian extract fall asleep faster and wake up fewer times during the night. It is believed to raise production of a neurotransmitter GABA that slows clams sensory processing. This herb has been found to be as effective as prescription sleep aids without they medication hangover the next day.

The extract works the best supplements and teas tend to worker slower, it can take a week to know if it is going to work for you. Taken with alcohol or other medication that cause drowsiness can make even insomniacs too sleepy to function. Ask an expert on a reliable brand. These herbs are effective and when used with the knowledge of how your body will react to them. It is your responsibility so asks questions before you use these herbs , talk to your doctor or practitioner.

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Colossians 3:8,10

Herbs As Alternative To Medication

Looking for herbs to provide an alternative to health issues there are herbs that are used in drugs that some of us take everyday to control our blood pressure, depression, head aches and more. So before you take any herbs contact your doctor. If you are seeing an herpetologist make sure they know what medications you are on. What my seem harmless could take your health on a roller coaster ride or even kill you. Do your research and share your knowledge with your care givers.

There are herbs that have been use for centuries and a few are very effective. Two thirds of adults that take herbal  supplements are using them to treat conditions and are not sure if they work effectively. Regulation on herbs have not been established . Advertising can entice us to try products not giving a thought to your health it is merely to sell the product. So beware and do the research.

Here are some herbs that have proven the test of time and research. Consult your doctor before using these they can effect everyone differently.

Chaste-berry: Dried fruit of the Vitex agnuscastus tree, chaste-berry may have gotten its name from a belief that it repressed libido, this is unfounded, you can find it in teas, capsules and dry and liquid extracts. They say that monks used this to curb sexual desires if fact it has been found to treat PMS symptoms, like mood swings, headaches, and anger. It is also used for increasing fertility.

Stanford University School of Medicine in California has done research that found chasteberry may affect the mood-influencing neurotransmitter dopamine and in one study beat out a placebo alleviating PMS distress. Fertility Blend, a supplement contianing chasteberry found that in   a study using 53 women  14 of them got pregnant using the supplement. That is 16 percent more then woman using a placebos.

Vitex can cause nausea, headache and rashes, researchers from Italy found in 2005 that even though side effects tend to be mild and reversible. Use cation when using hormonal contraception it can weaken there effect.Please check with your doctor if you take anything that alter dopamine levels, such as antipsychotic medications like Haldol or Risperdal.

Next herbs we will look at is st.john’s wort and valerian  both of these have properties that I have found interesting.

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Meditation Is An Alternative That Works

Meditation is an alternative is it valuable and is right for you? Check all alternative medicines with your physician. Alternative treatment can be effective. Take your medical history and medications to your physician and therapist so they can find out if meditation is right for you.

Meditation: An age-old Eastern therapy, practice meditation requires you to concentrate using your breathing or mental images. Here in the West we more often use meditation to refocus thoughts and improve mental and physical health. Our Eastern neighbors practice meditation for enlightenment and have been for centuries.

Meditation can reduce feelings of anger and stress. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is using brain imaging to learn that the cerebral cortex is thicker in people that practice meditation. This region of the brain is associated with attention and memory. The cerebral cortex thins with age and can be linked to memory loss.

There are websites that will tell you there meditation method is the best and have instruction on how you can start and practice it. You can practice it at home using controlled breathing and focusing on your slow deep breath. There are free materials on the internet and also at your local library so you can check them out and practice at home.

There are different meditations for the many different aliments that we have. I use this therapy also to help me control my chronic pain. I use breathing and mentally focusing on an image that gets smaller and smaller helps to ease my pain between my acupuncture appointments.

Our mind is the hard drive to our bodies, things that are programed can be side stepped by downloading new program materials that can help you ease the chronic pain so many of us suffer.

Practice and cultivate and meditate upon these duties;throw yourself wholly into them, so that your progress may be evident to everybody.                                                                                                              1 Timothy 4:15