Now the hidden scars are exposed

Now that the hidden scars are exposed the power your abusers had over you is going away. As you stand up to the memories of your past you have to make another choice. Are you going to identify yourself as a victim keeping the scars out for all to see, searching for sympathy or do you take what you have learned and try to help others. Some of us choose to set an example living with joy and a loving heart not dwelling on the scars of the past.

Living life to its fullest is powerful and a testament to the choice that you are healing the scars. To live with understanding and sharing is my choice. I can help you understand that you can expose your scars and survive the abuse and that with therapy not self abuse or abusing other is your way out of a cycle that you were powerless to stop or control.

Explore your options you can look for therapist through your church, mental health department or by asking someone in the medical field. Knowing that all is possible with God is the comfort that I rely on in every step I take in my life and healing. God will stand with you giving you strength that you don’t even know you have.

We fear the unknown and the change that might take place, I know that education is power and that doors open when we open our minds to the possibilities of positive change. Over coming the fear of asking for help is the first step. Your answer will always be the same if you don’t asks and there are so many waiting to say yes I am willing to help you.

Mind, body and health are all connected giving us everything we need to enjoy this one life that God has given us.

God selected…what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame. And God also selected what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt,even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are, so that no mortal man should boast in the presence of God.

1   Corinthians 1:27-29

Scars from abuse how do we heal

Scars we have on our souls from abuse are deep and need to come to the surface and be exposed to start the healing process. This is so hard to do and take it from me well worth the effort. When healing these scars through therapy we release the power of our minds that God has given us and it starts with the choice to change. Showing these scars is the only way to expose the abuse we have suffered by others.

Feeling inadequate, ashamed and insecure are a part of the abuse and not feelings that God intended for us to have. This is damage that can be healed. I am living proof of a damaged soul that is healing. The abuse I suffered was not my fault and my brain did what it did to coupe with the horror that came with the abuse and that was to bury it.

This lead me to a past that is colored with putting myself in the path of more abuse. Not feeling that I was good enough for anyone. Damaged broken, God placed a hand full of trained people in my path to show me how to get myself out of the cycle that I was repeating over and over again. I chose to be apart of my own healing and realize that each day is filled with leaving the scars behind me and enjoying my life the way God has intended.

When we give in to the power of our scars we end up abusing ourselves and sometime we repeat the abuse that we fell pray to. That is one way we keep our abusers control over us. I choose to turn inward to hide my scars for years and it almost destroyed me. Thank you God for the help you put in my path and the skills of the people who took the time to care and show me how to heal.

Be more fearful of the scars that are hidden not dealing with them can destroy you. A life filled with happiness and love is available and you can find the help you need to heal your soul. The more you give to the process, the more you heal. Blessings from God will fade the scars showing you the beautiful person He created. Giving you the confidantes to show yourself to others as you the person you are.

“Give,and it will be given to you. A good measure,pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For the measure you use it it will be measured to you.”                                                     Luke 6:38

Hidden scars keep us from seeing who we really are

As you move through your day how many people do you think you come across that have hidden scars?  Hidden from plain sight these scars go undetected year after year. Some scars go so deep that it can take a life time to become comfortable  with having them.

Scars on our soul are the hardest to heal and leave a mark that we can not see or cover with clothing or make-up. While we think we have put some injuries behind us. Our minds store them deep in our subconscious. These scars come open with out us really knowing when or why. How we deal with them is sometimes confusing to our mind. Our minds will find ways to heal the scars in eating disorders, drug, alcohol and even unsafe sexual behaviors.

I am one of the people you might meet or pass on the street or at work with these scars. Abuse come in many ways and as children we have no way of knowing what is or is not abusive behavior. I know when I was a child my world re-voled around my parents and those trusted to care for me when they were not around.

It only takes a few minutes to take away the spirit and innocence of a person that believes and trust in you leaving wounds so deep the mind can’t except what has happened. The soul is hurting so badly that it trains our minds to bury what it cannot except as the will of God.

Looking for ways to heal we  pick up on the things that numb our pain it may be food,alcohol,drugs or sex. Some of us will use all or one of these pain killers as they might have add to our abuse in some way. The only way to heal these scars is to face our memories and train our brain, by letting our subconscious free to understand as the abuse occurred we were powerless to stop it.  We are at no way responsible for we were not in control.

When we have these scars we live our lives not wanting others to see them. The fear of exposing them can take over who we are, how we act and who we spend our life with. The shame of what has happen change how we see ourselves and how we believes others see us. This is usually an ugly image and not who we are at all. The one who truly knows us is God He has put people in our path that can help us find the scars and heal them.

With God I can do all things I can heal and be the beautiful child He has created in his image.

Little children, you are of God and have defeated and overcome them, because He Who lives in you is greater than he who is in the world.                                                                                                                                    John  4:4

He who is greatest among you shall be your servant.                                                                       Matthew 23:11