Nerves Heal Naturally And It Takes Time

Nerves heal at their own pace. Getting back to the way we were before an injury or surgery takes time if we are willing to wait.

I feel that our lives are in a fast lane. We don’t want to wait to for anything let alone to get out of pain. Our pain is caused by nerves that are aggravated or damage. Many of us look for a magic pill that will take the pain away. These medications come at a price and I’m not willing to pay.

Pain pills can lead to addiction.  Opioids take over our brains function to deal on its own with the pain. These pain pills may leave a person worse off because of your dependency on them. I try to keep my brain as clear, so that it can do its job. Our brain is the nerve command center, it tells us when to breath, eat, drink and when to urinate. So I want my brain to function at its best.

I listened to the doctors after surgery. They were trying to help me, but were rushing me to get me better before my nerves was ready. I’m not talking about rehab or eating and drinking healthy. I’m talking about letting my body take care of the healing process in its time before the next procedure.

After my lumbar decompression surgery, they kept saying you should be better than you are for the amount of time that has past. They thought I was not getting better because of the pain I was in. I was sent for another MRI and found out that the nerve damage is probably permanent.

This leaves me with options one was to get fitted for a spinal stimulator to block pain, take pain killers or do nothing. I choose to do nothing because I wanted to see if time will help my body in the healing process. A healthy diet, Kombu Cha tea, exercise, rest and acupuncture is my way of supporting my body healing the damage nerves.

Pain is not new to me I deal with it everyday. It tells me when I have to stop what I’m doing and deal with it. Since I refused the stimulator and drugs their is nothing they can do for me at this time and that’s okay. Time is on my side because my pain from the damaged nerves is now at tolerable level and I know it,s gets better from here.

The damage is done, stenosis is genetic and at this point slowing down is helping my nerves heal from surgery which is lowering my pain.


Diet exercise, rest and time have so much to do with how we heal.

You can understand more about spinal stenosis here: Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Healing Me From The Inside Out/ 7 Tools I Use

Healing and getting healthy is my number one priority these days. We all heal at a different pace. Finding my healing pace is key to my recovery.

After lumbar surgery in January I knew from the moment I woke up I knew this time it would not be easy. Healing has always taken me a little while longer that I expect it to.  Heading to physical therapy I could tell this was going to take a while and it is not easy in the beginning. Therapy what I need and is a treat because it would get easier as time went on.

My problem is that I was not healing as fast as I wanted.16 weeks of therapy and I’m still in pain, Okay what do I do because I think I’m still healing the nerve roots coming from my spinal cord. This can take up to a year I already know this.

Having another MRI and an X-ray to see what the changes were, if any I know that that it is defiantly the nerves that need attention. There are three options on the table. One is to get a stimulator attached to my spinal cord. It sends electrical plusses to the epidural spaces that have been wired to a generator that is under your skin. The Second is to do nothing until it gets worse. Third is my favorite option and that is to go down the rabbit whole and drink the tea. I am going to be just like Alice. I am healing by exploring the alternative methods to support my spinal health, because I always have believed that if we treat our body with trust and give it the right tools it can do miracles in healing the trauma life puts us through.

My Healing Tools

  1. Meditation and positive reaffirming thought about healing. Mine is I am one with my creator and therefore I have the power to heal myself. I visualize myself doing the things I love without pain.
  2. Acupuncture has helped me manage my chronic pain for years so I started that up again. The disruption in the path my brain receives pain signals is helping to control levels of pain.
  3. I am brewing and drinking fermented tea call KOMBUCHA the healthy benefits will promote my body healing itself. This tea balances your gut and cleanses your organs, reduces the inflammation.
  4. Keeping to a good diet* and keeping myself hydrated flushing toxins out of my body.
  5. Vitamins, I take and I eat foods that support nerve rejuvenation like folate or vitamin B-9, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, magnesium, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory can be found in a variety of foods.
  6. I refrain from eating processed foods by cooking and buy as much organic foods as I can.
  7. Move! This is the important because when I move I feel better and Moving in the correct way strengthens the muscles that support the spine and the healing process.

I am not ready to say lets add some more trauma to this spinal cord by doing another procedure. In the past I have done epidurals, had fusion surgery, I came down with spinal meningitis and had lumbar decompression surgery. I know that it took a year to heal from the first surgery and it took a year to heal from the meningitis so I think I will keep using my 7 healing tools and see where it gets me for now.

Healing brought on by resting,

Healing is brought on by resting and taking time.


Research:                                                                                                            The big book of KOMBUCHA by Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory



Truth What Is Your Truth

Truth is a matter of opinion. The past defines so many of us. Our truth is not based on others opinion because they are not us. It is our truth that matters.

We are a product of our environment we bring a lot of baggage from our past if we let it. I think that if we try hard to remember who we were before the events that form our opinions of ourselves. Try to think back when you were very young, life was so carefree. Truth is we had no baggage no responsibility, our lives were filled with dreams and excitement about experiencing new things.

Some people come from stable homes with opportunities to develop a great self esteem. Others of us go through hell and don’t realize anything else. Abuse, disappear and low self-esteem seems a cursed because we’re unable to find a better way. These thoughts are depressing to say the least. Suffer from anxiety and depression we don’t always know that if we change our truth we can work towards a better more positive life.

The challenge then becomes how do we move in that direction? What are people in my life going to do as I change? What if I do all this work and nothing changes? All these questions are questions that a damaged person thinks about before being able to see the truth. No person, place or thing should keep you from becoming who you really are.

Every person on this plant wants to be loved and accepted. If we live by others opinion of who we are we engage in keeping ourselves stuck. Stuck from moving forward into a positive life style. People who live in these cycles of abuse and self-loathing can’t see how you can change it. They are a part of the cycle that identifies not only who you are, but also who they are too.

Change is hard and most of us don’t do it on our own, we need help. There are places to get help if you want it bad enough. State programs are set up with people who can support you and the life changes you want to make. Our circle of love ones stand in support of what we’re doing unless they have to participate. Truth is when we change they have to change also because we don’t identify with their idea of our truth. They form opinions from the past and are not willing to let them go.

I can go back to where I grew up, in just a few minutes of talking to friends and family I can see who know me know and are willing to give me the benefit of doubt. Not that it matters because truth is I don’t care what others think. What I think is more important because of the changes I had to make to find myself again.

Defining my life is simple I am a positive loving person that has a positive outlook and is ready to handle anything that life throws at me now.

Truth photo

Truth is we are all unique in every way.